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Welcome to Prophecy!

Prophecy is advancing further into RvR and it's time to be part of it!

Prophecy has always been an ORVR oriented guild- now we're stepping it up a notch!

Current recruiting requirements :
  • Rank 10 + - we welcome new players and rerolls - we do have leveling requirements though so please contact an officer for details!
  • Active playtimes (at least 3 days/nights a week and the more the better!)
  • The ability to listen, follow directions and take criticism with ease
  • knowledge of your class and the ability to adjust to rapidly changing situations while thinking out of the box
  • Team players
  • Ventrilo & the ability to be on it
If this is you and you want to take your game up a notch, it's time to consider Prophecy as your guild of choice. We run nightly 6-person gank/scenario groups, guild-only warbands and are an active and strong force on the battlefield! We are currently encouraging new players and rerolls to consider us because we feel that leveling in a guild encourages strong, active T4 players in the end.

Prophecy values loyalty and you'll find that we tend to take care of our own. We're also in a strong alliance that accomplishes much when we join together on the battlefields.

PVE content will be experienced in order to gear players out and help our players reach new challenges. While PVE is not the focus of this game, we know that sometimes, it's nice to take an evening to face new challenges without having to watch your back *wink*

So are you ready to join? Great! Go to our website: link, check out our website and leadership structure (under "About" on our site) and then hit "Join". Take the time to fill out our app and normally an officer/leader will contact you within 24 hours. Once you go through an in-game or Vent interview, we issue an invite and you go through our recruit process. So what are you waiting for? Join Prophecy today!

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